Beautiful & Durable Vinyl Inground Pools in Rockland County, NY

Having a pool in your own backyard means you can feel like you’re on vacation whenever you like. At Under the Sun Improvements, we offer industry-leading vinyl inground pools for homeowners in Rockland County, New York, seeking to enhance their outdoor living spaces and lifestyles. These pools are renowned for their affordability compared to other pool options like concrete or fiberglass, so you will be able to achieve your dream pool without exceeding your budget. 

Unmatched Quality & Style 

In addition to being cost-effective, our vinyl inground pools are: 

  • Low maintenance – The nonporous surface of vinyl liners makes them resistant to algae growth and staining, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and chemical treatments. This translates to less time spent on pool upkeep and more time spent enjoying the water. 
  • Customization options – We offer a wide range of customization options to suit every homeowner’s preference and lifestyle. From various shapes and sizes to an array of finishes and features, customers can tailor their vinyl inground pool to perfectly complement their outdoor space and aesthetic vision. 
  • Durability and longevity – Our vinyl inground pools are constructed from high-quality materials designed to withstand the elements and provide years of reliable use. With proper care and maintenance, these pools offer exceptional durability and longevity, ensuring that homeowners can enjoy their investment for many seasons to come. 
  • Comfort and enjoyment – The smooth surface of vinyl liners not only enhances the visual appeal of the pool but also provides a comfortable swimming experience for the whole family.

Contact Us Today 

Vinyl inground pools from Under the Sun Improvements offer unparalleled customization options, durability, and comfort, making them the ideal choice for homeowners looking to create their own backyard oasis. Contact us today to get your project started in Rockland County, NY.

“Kenny was personable and patient. He explained what needed to be done and was honest with his opinion on our sunroom ideas.”

J. Boh
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“Kenny was personable and patient. He explained what needed to be done and was honest with his opinion on our sunroom ideas.”

- J. Boh